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Range 214 RH

The legs of the stool are produced from beech wood in the traditional bending process. The round seat is available as a smooth moulded seat, with cane work or in an upholstered version. The robust wood and resistant cover fabric make the stool an everyday solid and sociable companion.

Wooden parts in stained beech. Seat with cane work, moulded plywood seat or upholstered and covered with leather or fabric.


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Michael Thonet’s sons, Franz, Michael junior, August, Josef and Jakob, joined the company Gebrüder Thonet in Vienna in 1853. After Michael Thonet’s death in 1871, they jointly managed the company. They developed new machines and work processes and presented numerous additional developments and new furniture designs. At around the turn of the century, the third generation of Thonets then became active in the company: Karl, Julius, Theodor, Alfred, Victor and Richard also designed a wide range of new furniture and products over the course of their activities.


Materials and Surfaces

The sensitive selection of the surfaces is decisive for the character of any piece of furniture. Therefore, we offer an almost limitless range of materials, allowing for an individual and special touch for each piece. Create your personal chair or table by choosing from our comprehensive collection of materials for the frame and upholstery. Please note that the materials listed here only represent a small selection of our production possibilities. Our specialist trade partner near you will be happy to offer advice.


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  • Leather Linea
  • 618 Arnacio
  • 624 Azzurro
  • 635 Bianco
  • 649 Cielo
  • 631 Green
  • 608 Marrone
  • 646 Moretto
  • 622 Nero
  • 614 Rosso
  • Credo
  • 24 Azur
  • 25 Moss
  • 2 Safran
  • 19 Snow
  • 22 Stone
  • Novum
  • 15 Curry
  • 30 Lagoon
  • 33 Mambo
  • 23 Viola
  • 08 Prime
  • Cane work
  • Cane work with supporting synthetic mesh


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  • Wood & Veneers
  • Beech
  • Stains
  • Dark brown TP 89
  • Lightened TP 107
  • Grey green TP 269
  • Azure blue TP 250
  • Coral red TP 233
  • White pigmented lacquer TP 200
  • Olive green as RAL 6003
  • Black TP 29
  • Reed green TP 262


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