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S 64 VDR

DesignMarcel Breuer, artistic copyright Mart Stam, 2019

Range S 64 VDR

The working world is changing – home offices and studio offices are places where mobility, flexibility, and communication play a decisive role, places where furniture classics that comply with modern lifestyles also have a place. For this purpose, Gebrüder T 1819 makes an icon of classic furniture design mobile – valid to this day in its formal language: the chair S 64 by Marcel Breuer. As S 64 Atelier, the classic – as a swivel chair with a central leg and castors – can be used in home offices as well as in working and communication zones of modern offices. The S 64 Atelier continues a concept of Breuer; in the historic Gebrüder T 1819 tubular steel catalogue from 1935, other tubular steel chairs with a swivel frame that combined the design of a cantilever chair with the function of a swivel chair are attributed to him, among others.

The Swiss designer Christophe Marchand, who already developed tubular steel furniture for Gebrüder T 1819 and approached the task with tremendous sensitivity and respect for the original design idea, accompanied this translation.

Swivel chair with five-star aluminium base on castors, chrome-plated or powder-coated, or with four-star base on gliders. Wooden parts in stained beech, stretched with wicker cane and transparent, stable supporting plastic mesh, or with netting; alternatively also available as an upholstered version covered with leather or fabric.


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Marcel Breuer, artistic copyright Mart Stam

Marcel Breuer, artistic copyright Mart Stam

Marcel Breuer (1902–1981) Born in Pécs, Hungary, Marcel Breuer studied at the Staatliches Bauhaus Weimar from 1920 to 1924. After a short stay in Paris, he took over the management of the joiner’s workshop at the Bauhaus from 1925 to 1928, which had meanwhile moved to Dessau. During this time, he was strongly influenced by constructivism and De Stijl and developed a few trend setting tubular steel furniture designs. In 1928, Breuer went to Berlin and dedicated himself mainly to the field of interior design. Starting in 1932 he worked on several aluminium furniture designs in Switzerland. In 1935 Breuer moved to London, where he worked as an architect. In 1937 he was granted a professorship for architecture at Harvard University in Cambridge, Massachusetts. Later, he opened an architectural office there together with Walter Gropius. In 1946 Breuer founded his own studio in New York and realized numerous designs in Europe and the United States. He is considered one of the most important architects and designers of modernism.


Materials and Surfaces

The sensitive selection of the surfaces is decisive for the character of any piece of furniture. Therefore, we offer an almost limitless range of materials, allowing for an individual and special touch for each piece. Create your personal chair or table by choosing from our comprehensive collection of materials for the frame and upholstery. Please note that the materials listed here only represent a small selection of our production possibilities. Our specialist trade partner near you will be happy to offer advice.


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  • Natural nubuck leather
  • 9 Dark brown / Seam colour: 887 Ochre-brown
  • 8 Greengrey / Seam colour: 32 Black blue
  • 1 Medium brown / Seam colour: 448 Orange brown
  • 5 Ochre- brown / Seam colour: 221 Red
  • 4 Sandbeige / Seam colour: 634 Warm grey
  • 10 Black / Seam colour: 968 Yellow
  • 2 Purple / Seam colour: 707 Green
  • Natural napa leather
  • 4223 Bordeaux / Seam colour: 302 Pine green
  • 2617 Cognac / Seam colour: 406 Dark brown
  • 2001 Dark brown / Seam colour: 887 Ochre-brown
  • 2488 Medium brown / Seam colour: 000 Black
  • 500 Black / Seam colour: 701 Grey
  • Leather Linea
  • 618 Arnacio
  • 624 Azzurro
  • 635 Bianco
  • 649 Cielo
  • 659 Tortora
  • 628 Sabbia
  • 614 Rosso
  • 622 Nero
  • 646 Moretto
  • 608 Marrone
  • 623 Grigio
  • Remix 2
  • 443 Orange
  • 383 Black brown
  • 123 Light grey
  • 133 Grey beige
  • 933 Green
  • Cane work
  • Cane work with supporting synthetic mesh
  • Mesh
  • Black


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  • Tubular steel colours
  • Deep black RAL 9005


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