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S 1196/2

DesignIn-house Design, 2019

Range S 1196

A lightweight folding table that does not give away this practical characteristic at first glance.

It has clear, reserved aesthetics and a high quality in its materials and processing. It is mainly used in the training and seminar segments but is also suitable for flexible solutions in conferencing and meeting rooms. Thanks to small rollers and a pair of legs, it can be quickly set up by one person. Adjustable gliders in the second pair of legs allow the table to be optimally aligned. Its special features include the large amount of leg room due to the table legs being positioned at the ends of the tabletop, easy assembly and disassembly via a simple and strong folding mechanism, and the space-saving storage since the tables can be perfectly stacked horizontally or vertically with minimum space required when folded up. Matching carts with a push bracket are available for transport.

Folding tables in different sizes, table leg versions with chrome-plated round tube or round tube with mitred corners, tabletops with melamine resin coating.


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In-house Design

In-house Design

Following the tradition and philosophy of Michael Thonet, Gebrüder T 1819 develops products via a careful and innovative design process. Unmistakable and successful products are created by a team of designers, product developers, engineers, and craftsmen with the highest level of craftsmanship. The Gebrüder T 1819 design stands for comfortable, timeless and modern furniture. The development focuses on the durability of the products. Therefore, the intelligent selection of materials and efficient use of resource-saving technologies as well as the functionality and aesthetics of the products process at Gebrüder T 1819 are part of a solution-oriented and productionappropriate design process.


Materials and Surfaces

The sensitive selection of the surfaces is decisive for the character of any piece of furniture. Therefore, we offer an almost limitless range of materials, allowing for an individual and special touch for each piece. Create your personal chair or table by choosing from our comprehensive collection of materials for the frame and upholstery. Please note that the materials listed here only represent a small selection of our production possibilities. Our specialist trade partner near you will be happy to offer advice.


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