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118 H

DesignSebastian Herkner, 2018

Range 118

Minimalistic and honest, at the same time elegant and filigree: chair 118 is a classic wooden chair that adds subtle elegance to any dining table or restaurant. The principle of reducing a chair to the fewest elements possible was introduced by Michael Thonet in the mid-19th century. Chair 118 is a further development that considers the company’s heritage and goes one step further.


Sebastian Herkner added sophisticated details, which make the design less dominant yet even nobler. The shape of the chair’s legs is another special feature: they’re rounded on the back, and slight edges on the front create a certain break, which alludes to the horseshoe shape of the seating surface. The bent seat frame and the hand crafted seat covered with wicker cane refer to the original archetype of a Gebrüder T 1819 chair, no. 214.

Frame solid wood, without armrests, moulded plywood stained beech (standard colours: TP 24 walnut, TP 29 black, TP 107 lightened, TP 200 white pigmented laquer, as RAL 6003 olive green) or High Gloss (standard colours: black, dark blue, dark red, antique pink, mint, dark brown-violett). Seat with cane work, moulded plywood seat or upholstered and covered with leather or fabric. Plastic mesh beneath cane work seat.


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Sebastian Herkner

Sebastian Herkner

Born in 1981, Sebastian Herkner studied product design at the Offenbach University of Art & Design, focusing on designing objects and furniture by merging various cultural contexts, combining new technologies with traditional craftsmanship to highlight the multifaceted beauty of the materials and draw attention to fine details. Since founding his own design studio in Offenbach am Main in 2006, Sebastian has designed products for brands such as ClassiCon, Gervasoni and Moroso. He also works on interior design projects and presentations for exhibitions and museums. His designs have received numerous prizes.


Materials and Surfaces

The sensitive selection of the surfaces is decisive for the character of any piece of furniture. Therefore, we offer an almost limitless range of materials, allowing for an individual and special touch for each piece. Create your personal chair or table by choosing from our comprehensive collection of materials for the frame and upholstery. Please note that the materials listed here only represent a small selection of our production possibilities. Our specialist trade partner near you will be happy to offer advice.


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  • Leather Linea
  • 618 Arnacio
  • 624 Azzurro
  • 635 Bianco
  • 649 Cielo
  • 631 Green
  • 623 Grigio
  • 608 Marrone
  • 646 Moretto
  • 622 Nero
  • 614 Rosso
  • 628 Sabbia
  • 659 Tortora
  • Novum
  • 15 Curry
  • 30 Lagoon
  • 33 Mambo
  • 08 Prime
  • 23 Viola
  • Steelcut Trio 2
  • 153 Grey- black
  • 213 Beige
  • 353 Brown-turquoise
  • 665 Red
  • 675 Blue
  • Cane work
  • Cane work with supporting synthetic mesh


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  • Wood & Veneers
  • Beech
  • Stains
  • Walnut TP 24
  • Black TP 29
  • White pigmented lacquer TP 200
  • Lightened TP 107
  • Olive green as RAL 6003


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